Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greek Vacation

This is purly fantasy but I thought I would share it with all of you. This story was very erotic in my head because I love to watch others doing the deed.

We are on a dream vacation in the picturesque sunwashed town of Santorini in Greece. We have just woken up, and are having breakfast on the balcony of our villa. The vista is amazing, the whitewashed villas seemingly randomly built over the hillside. Below us, we can see the patios of other villas. You nudge me and point to the patio below us. A man and a woman are naked - the man is leaning over the woman who is lying on a chaise long. They are gorgeous, suntanned, firm bodies, the woman has no tan lines, and has obviously been soaking up the sun. The man is beside her on his knees and they kiss, a long, deep french kiss, his hands wander over her body.

We watch intently as he moves down her body, kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples lightly. We can hear some faint moaning as his tongue glides down her body. She is mostly clean shaven with a small tuft of black hair, and he movies down to lick her pussy, he positions himself between her legs... we can see his tongue working its magic, the girl is playing with her nipples, squeezing her breasts. She is speaking to him in French, telling him what to do.... her moans get louder, he is fingering her as he eats her, his tongue alternating between deep plunges into her vagina and licking around her labia... she starts to come, she is noisy, "i suis lĂ  ne s'arrĂȘtent pas" which means "i am there, don't stop"... he works his magic on her till her moans subside.

She grins, looks at him naughtily as she turns over on her stomach. "Baise-moi dans le cul..." - fuck me in the ass. He stands up, we see his cock is long and hard, his lean muscular body. He reaches over, grabs some sun tan oil, and pours it down her crack, then applies some to her asshole. Slowly he wiggles a finger into her tight hole. He looks up, sees us watching, grins, ad whispers to his girlfriend. She looks up and sees us too. She smiles. She obviously enjoys being watched.

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  1. having visited Greece in 2006, I was intrigued.
    Loved the story . . but would have gone down on her ass first . . probed with my tongue and hope she begged for more . . but I LUV a gal who will invite this type of play. I was introduced to anal play by a married gal who loved it . . almost more than regular sex. It was the 'taboo' nature of the act that turned her on . . but to see her look around at me while in the doggie position, and ask me to 'slide that cock in my ass' was a priceless moment. To me, it has to be HER desire to do it this way . . not mine. If I had a submissive girlfriend, she'd learn that an occassional dip in the greek lifestyle keeps her Dom happy . . more from the total submission of my pleasure, but also from the control standpoint. You would learn what pleases me in all sorts of ways (my insatiable mind has way too many fantasies to explore, but I'd try) and enjoy flirting with various scenarios when we are in crowded spaces where others would hear you. Yes, you would . .