Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Post October 1, 2009

Many of you have emailed me on how I met RT and how I got into the lifestyle of D/s. So I am reposting my very first post for your review.  

This blog is for my Master RT, as a gift. I want to share my most personal feelings for him and how I got involved in the lifestyle. I am a newbi, that is what RT likes to call me and this is my journey into how I am learning to become his submissive.

Background: I have only known RT for about a month and from the moment I met him I have fallen head over heels. For years I have fantasized about living the life of a submissive, a slave to her man, or simply wanting to be spanked in the bedroom. I am 36 years old with two children and have always led a vanilla lifestyle but have dreamed of something more erotic, loving and disciplining form of a relationship.

RT is a well experienced dominant who has no patience in dealing with someone as new as I. But somehow I have warmed his heart and as you read the stories of our journey together you will see how I am learning day by day how to serve my Master and how my mistakes are punished and my obedience is rewarded.

I look forward in hearing your comments and perhaps suggestions on how I can be a better sub to my man.

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  1. I read the first page and it's really sexy. It feels very personal, and I will enjoy reading about how this relationship progresses. It turns me on to read how turned on you are getting by being dominated, makes me think that this is something I need to explore as well.