Monday, October 19, 2009

Viewer Email

Sometimes I like to post comments or eamils that I get from my viewers. This is an email I got the other day that sums up my feelings about this blog...Goog Job D

The first thing I can tell you is that you are certainly not alone in feeling the way you do. I have personally known many strong feminist women who enjoyed being submissive in sex. It could be said to be part of the genetic female experience.

All humans have two parts to the brain; one part is the animal part which controls our basic insticts (fear, domination ...) and the other part is the intellectual part makes us civilised. As a man, my animal brain would love to drag any female in sight back to my cave and to ravage her on the floor. Unfortunately my intellect gets in the way, and I make charming conversation instead...

Anyway........................ how exciting to discover this inner burning that you know you will cede to one day soon. You are dying to experiment, but you don't know who with......


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